The Wedding Planner role

With the past articles I explained the first rule to choose the right vendors and what being a Wedding Planner means to me.

But, what’s the role of the Wedding Planner?

Due to many TV shows and wrong believes, people may think the “Wedding Planner role” is to take care of the aesthetics preparation of the day. People may want to hire a Wedding Planner to “prepare an elegant wedding”. But is this what a Wedding Planner should really do?

Let’s clarify this point. A Wedding Planner is a professionist who organizes weddings. We are not talking about a person who only takes care of the aesthetics of the event. We are talking about a professionist who actively works to create the wedding the couple always dreamed of, taking care of every detail and vendor to make sure everything is on the same tone!
A Wedding Planner organizes every side of the wedding (or some of the main ones), proposing vendors (florist and decorator included) to create a special wedding day.

A Wedding Planner is key. This professionist coordinates everything and makes sure every vendor does his job as agreed with the couple.

The job of a true Wedding Planner is fundamental, the reasponsibility of the whole event is up to him and this is a vital role!