The first rule in choosing the right vendors

When a couple decides to get married, they are immediately “thrown” in a specific sector, the wedding one. They suddenly have to find and book a lot of vendors oversea, and the confusion starts.

Every type of vendor can be split up in professionist and dilettante, based on some charateristics (caterers can be split up based on the tast and amount of food, photographers based on the quality of shootings and hours of service, locations on beauty of the hall etc).

But is there a senior rule that can help you in choosing all of vendors?

Yes there is! 🙂

During the years of experience as Wedding Planner I spotted some basic qualities all vendors have to hold. If they have them you’ll potentially have a well planned wedding that will imprint in your memory forever. If they don’t, you might have a problem.

What am I talking about? All of the vendors have to be cordial, helpful and open to sudden changes.

What do I mean by cordial and helpful?

Weddings are never one like the other: All the couples are different and have their own requests. Someone wants a wild party, someone wants an elegant wedding, someone wants a chabby chic one.

Vendors have to be cordial, helpful and open to changes so they have to be able to adjust their service on your requests and changes.

Let’s make an example. The wedding should start at11:00 a.m. but the bride is late (a problem with the dress, flowers, with the attendees, it doesn’t matter) and she shows up at 11:20 a. m.

The vendors (photographer, musicians, celebrant, Wedding Planner), if they are cordial and helpful, will adapt their service on that. Maybe they’ll make the ceremony run faster, make a faster shooting but with politeness making sure the couple still enjoys the day.

Let’s make the opposit guess. The vendors are not cordial, helpful or open to changes. What may happen? Maybe the photographer would tell the couple rudly to hurry, maybe the celebrant would tell the couple they are late (I saw this situation at a wedding, it wasn’t nice at all). Maybe the Wedding Planner would turn frantic telling the couple and the attendees to hurry their way to the restaurant. These things won’t help making the wedding day special for everyone.

Sudden problems, during a day so special with so many vendors and people involved, may happen.
So you have to hire vendors able to solve those, smiling!