Customer Reviews

“In May 2019 my partner and I discussed getting married in Venice and it soon became apparent that we needed a wedding planner to help us in Italy make that happen. We found Noemi Wedding online and spoke to other couples who could not recommend Noemi enough. Noemi’s assistance and help made our dream wedding day come true. We wouldn’t even of known where to start planning a wedding abroad and Noemi guided us through the whole process with ease. Noemi is professional, flexible, diligent and now can be classed as a good friend. It was lovely having someone who spent the time to get to know us as a couple before the wedding so we were completely comfortable on the day. The suppliers Noemi recommends are top class and she provides an honest opinion based on what your needs are as a couple. If anyone is in any doubt about hiring a wedding planner, Noemi is your woman! Wouldn’t change a thing about our day or the service we received from Noemi. Thank you so much again for making our day so special and we couldn’t of done it with you.”

– Natasha and Daniel

“Dear Noemi, we want to thank you for helping make our special day absolutely perfect. Words cannot do justice to express how grateful we are to have had such an incredible planner assisting with our wedding. What a year of planning this has been! And now to finally meet you in person after so much work together, today we get to see everything we worked so hard to plan come to life. Aside from you being our wedding planner, we are so happy we have gotten to know you personally and have shared parts of our lives with each other. We have loved every minute of getting to know you.
It was a pleasure working with you to plan this day. We wish you our heartfelt thanks for all your amazing work to help create the wedding we have always dreamed of!”

– Chelsey and Matthew

 “Just to say, you really made my day… Noemi, thank you so much for all you have done to make our wedding amazing. We couldn’t have done it without you. You have done an excellent job, we are so happy. Thank you so much! Thank you for all your hard work and effort.”

– Natalie and Thomas


“There are no words to describe how thankful I am for everything you have done for me. From the very first conversation we had to the day of the ceremony, you made sure everything was personalized perfectly for Derek and I. I felt like I knew you before we actually met. It’s sad because the day we finally meet is the one and final time we do see each other! You made our wedding absolute perfection. From the smallest of details to the grandest of them. You, your assistant, and everyone involved made the day so special and it I don’t think it could have turned out any better than the way it did.
For anyone contemplating whether or not to hire Noemi, please do not hesitate what so ever. It was hands down one of the best decisions I could have made! Thank you for everything!”

– Tabatha and Derek

“Liebe Noemi, Wir hatten die Ehre dich kennen zu lernen. Die perfekte Wedding Planerin, die man sich je hätte wünschen können! Du hast uns unsere Filmreife Hochzeit im Herzen von Venedig möglich gemacht! Dank dir ist unser Traum wahr geworden!
Dank deiner professionellen Zusammenarbeit mit den perfekten Anbietern/Zulieferer !
Du hast uns ein ganzes Jahr begleitet bis zur letzen Minute.
Ich bedauere sehr dass nun alles vorbei ist , weil ich eine tolle Person kennen lernen durfte!
Wir wünschen dir alles erdenklich gute für deinen beruflichen Lebensweg! Liebe Grüße”

– Sharon & Ignazio

Margaret and Blair“There are no words to thank Noemi for such an amazing wedding day, a dream come true! Being far away in another country with large time difference, being blind of what venue, music, photographer and all those details to chooses and think about… Noemi makes everything easier; she is very confident and honest with a great team behind her who make you feel relaxed. No matter what day and time she will reply, support and advice.  On the big day she was everywhere making sure all the details worked as we wanted. We couldn’t have done it without her. Our day flowed perfectly, and we didn’t have to worry about anything except having a lot of fun. A huge thank you to make a dream come true and your hard work to make our day one we will always remember.”

– Margaret and Blair 

“David and I were so blessed to be able to find Noemi to be our wedding planner! We live in Australia and wanted to do a lake side wedding in Italy. Noemi made planning an international wedding so easy. She is a clear communicator and she easily understood what we were looking for. Noemi was always thinking ahead, letting us know when and what she needed from us but also she was in contact with the forest service making sure we could have our celebration where we wanted it. She communicated right up front when there was a winter storm months before our wedding that caused damage in the area. We heard about it from her and made sure we had all the details around our location so we weren’t concerned when we heard about it on the news. Noemi found the most amazing connections for flowers, music, food, hair, makeup, ect. She really knows how to find great value and people who are exceptional at their jobs. The wedding day itself went so smoothly and easily. She handled all of the details so well that we were able to not worry about anything and just enjoy the day with our families! Noemi thank you for making that day be one that exceeded my expectations and is a beautiful memory I get to have for life! Noemi you are Amazing and we are SO lucky to have had you as our wedding planner!”

– Jessica & David

“We are Mendy and Matteo, we got married on June 2nd 2019. Once we booked the venue for our wedding, we started working on booking the other venues and we got confused between wedding expos, blogs, advises from friends etc. In the beginning everything looked easy but as time passed by we realized that if we did everything alone it would have been quite complicated. We decided to hire Noemi and it was the best choice we could have made.
Noemi is kind, nice and always available to solve any doubt, she is very efficient, and she loves her job. With her experience she guided us while we took every choice regarding the wedding.
She kept everything under control from our first meeting to the wedding day. She didn’t miss anything! Noemi made us enjoy our day with total lightheartedness. She advised us on the best vendors: the photographer, the video-maker, the florists, the musician and the make up artist and she coordinated everything in total perfection so that each one of them could provide his best service.
Moreover, thanks to her advises, our initial budget was respected, and she made us save some money on some vendors so that we could add details and activities to the wedding day. If we had organized the wedding ourselves, due to our inexperience on the subject, we would probably not have been in budget.
We are totally sure of advising Noemi and her wedding planning service. For us, she made the difference. As we are talking about a special and unique day, it deserves the attention and care that only a professional can provide. Noemi, you made our day unforgettable. Thank you!”

– Mendy and Matteo

Alane and Marcelo“We met Noemi at a wedding of a friend of ours who got married last year. We saw noticed the bride was very relaxed and her wedding planner was coordinating everything. The day after getting the proposal, I couldn’t wait to start the planning! We should have gotten married on May 23rd and everything was ready in just a few months ,but we had to postpone the event to August 8th. Noemi has always been very reliable, professional and a great support to us. She worked hard in every step of the planning, as if she had to plan her own wedding. Her mission is to guide the couple in choosing the vendors considering the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. We chose some vendors she works often with and these vendors were really professional and skilled. She knew how they work so she coordinated easily with them and we had the best we could ever wish for. The big day came and we were relaxed and calm because Noemi coordinated the whole timeline of the event. We enjoyed every second of our wedding, we lived those moments happily with our family and friends. If we had the chance, we wouldn’t change anything of our amazing day. Thank you Noemi.”

– Eleonora and Alessandro

Alane and Marcelo“Dear Noemi,
Marcelo, all of our family and I can’t extend enough thanks to you for  coordinating our wonderful party. Your hard work and care ensured that  our day was enjoyable and stress-free. We appreciate your personal  attention and every effort, from helping us to select and choose the  best providers, from flowers to make up.
From the first time we spoke, I knew we had a connection, that you  were going to get what we wanted and make sure that everything worked  perfectly. And you were the one, I am happy to say that my sense was  right on the mark. Your experience greatly exceeded our extremely high  expectations. We, our family and friends will be talking about our  wedding day for many years for sure, and we’ll be recommending your  services to any and everyone who inquires.
Thank you again for the beautiful memories, I just regret we forgot to  take a picture together. Please thank your assistant too. Next time we  come over to Italy, we have to plan to have a cup of coffee together.  
Take care, I miss chatting with you!!!”

– Alane and Marcelo

“We’re a couple from Perth, Australia and we decided to have our wedding in the Italian Dolomites. We honestly cannot recommend Noemi highly enough, she has been the most wonderful person to assist us in planning our destination wedding! Noemi provided the most professional and thoughtful service for us, she really went above and beyond our expectations. Noemi was kind enough to be our symbolic wedding celebrant and she performed our ceremony perfectly! Our day could not have run more smoothly or been more perfect all thanks to Noemi! Forever grateful! Thank you again Noemi!”

– Jess & Josh

Wij zijn Sarah & Maurizio, een Belgisch koppel met Italiaanse roots. Ongeveer een jaartje geleden besloten we om te trouwen in Italië. Om dit allemaal te kunnen verwezenlijken en vlot te laten verlopen, was het heel voornaam om een goede wedding planner onder de arm te nemen. Het is immers niet zo evident om zo’n belangrijk event vanop afstand te organiseren. Met Noemi wisten we meteen dat we de juiste keuze hadden gemaakt. Zij heeft ervoor gezorgd dat onze trouw een sprookje was. Ze heeft ons ongelooflijk goed begeleid in de aanloop naar ons huwelijk. Ze was altijd en overal bereikbaar, altijd klaar om onze vragen te beantwoorden & niets was haar teveel. Kortom, de juiste persoon op de juiste plaats. Ze is een echte ‘crack’ in wat ze doet, zeer competent, goed voorbereid & altijd met een glimlach op haar gezicht. Ze heeft ons geholpen en ondersteund met de zoektocht naar de ideale locatie, en eens we die gevonden hadden verder gezocht naar een fotograaf, dj & bloemist. We zijn uiteindelijk maar twee keer naar Italië moeten afzakken om alles tot in de puntjes te regelen. We zijn toen zelfs bij haar op de koffie geweest! In de maanden voorafgaand aan onze trouw heeft ze alle contacten verzorgd met de betrokken partijen, en ons zo de kans gegeven om zorgeloos naar deze speciale dag te kunnen toeleven. Haar aanwezigheid op de dag van onze trouw was ook doorslaggevend. Ze heeft het uitstekend gedaan, had alles onder controle, heeft ervoor gezorgd dat alles in zijn plooi viel en heel het ‘event’ super goed gecoördineerd. Dankzij haar hebben wij van deze dag ten volste kunnen genieten. Het was zelfs mooier dan we ooit hadden durven dromen. Alle genodigden, vrienden en familie waren ladend enthousiast, een onvergetelijke ervaring! Wie ooit van plan is om in Italië te trouwen, aarzel zeker niet om Noemi te contacteren, succes verzekerd! (Spreekt trouwens ook vlot Engels en Frans). Noemi, nogmaals bedankt voor alles, je bent geweldig!”

– Sarah & Maurizio

“Even if we had time to organize our wedding, we decided to hire a Wedding Planner who could help us in the organization and planning of the best day of our life.
We found Noemi searching in the internet and we immediately got how  professional she is. She contacted us right away, she asked us what our ideas and needs were and she started to plan our tailor maiden amazing winter wedding, in a professional and reliable way.
Her task was to make our dreams come true, finding all of vendors and services we needed, and she definitely did it.
We need to thank her even more as, in a tough moment, she did way more than what it was expected from her and she helped us as a friend, on top of the professional wedding planner she truly is. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

– Martina and Mauro

“Without Noemi that day wouldn’t have been that perfect. She has been a precious presence for who, like us, organized the wedding in about 2 months. From the advices about the suppliers to the organization, from the the photographer to the animators and the music, she organized and managed the whole wedding day. We met a couple of times and the rest we handled from remote. She allowed us to live with calmness the whole organization and she ran everything perfectly! Here presence was polite, gentle, always available, strong, professional and supportive. She never gave up and she never allowed us to give up based on difficulties. The idea of choosing a Wedding Planner looked too much in the beginning, but we changed our mind: without her we wouldn’t have enjoyed fully that day. Thank you deeply Noemi, we’ll always carry you in our hearts as basic part of our wedding.”

– Alessandra and Matteo

Irene and Gianfranco“Noemi provided such a good assistance, it’s impossible not to send her an appreciation review. With her by our side, who lead us trough the schedule of the set-ups with competence, we have organized our wedding in only 6 months… an heroic venture! Noemi proved her high level professionalism, kindness and reliability. Her presence was steady in the whole period before the wedding day and she always provided practical assistance and advises. On the wedding day she was precious: it was like having a Guardian Angel!”

– Irene and Gianfranco

“Allen voran: Vielen, vielen Dank, dass du unseren Tag so wunderschön und unvergesslich gemacht hast.
Mit Noemi zu arbeiten war ein Vergnügen. Es ist nicht einfach eine Hochzeit zu organisieren, wenn man nicht in dieser Gegend wohnt, aber es genügte sich zweimal mit ihr zu treffen. Noemi hat uns sehr viel geholfen. Sie war immer erreichbar, egal worum es sich gehandelt hat. Mit ihr war es einfach den Ort für unsere Feier auszusuchen, weil wir wussten, dass sie sich versichert, dass alles richtig abläuft. Dank Noemi haben wir märchenhafte Fotos von unserem großen Tag. Noemi hat sich um jedes Detail gekümmert, sodass alles stimmte. Durch sie war es für uns möglich in aller Ruhe zu unserer Hochzeit zu kommen, einen wunderschönen Tag zu haben und ihn aus vollen Zügen zu genießen. Auch die Gäste waren begeistert, wie sie aus dem Hintergrund sicher ging, dass alles in Ordnung ist. Unsere Freunde haben gesagt: „Wenn wir in Italien heiraten, wissen wir, an wen wir uns wenden.“ Noemi ist eine sehr nette, zuverlässige und höfliche Person. Ein Kompliment für diese tolle Arbeit und vielen Dank für alles!“

– Stefanie & Stephan

Yvonne and Ettore“We decided to engage a wedding planner a month before our wedding and we came across Noemi Wedding through Google search.

Noemi is very professional and reliable who managed turn things around quickly based on our last minute requests despite her busy schedule.

As we are based in Singapore, we relied mainly on WhatsApp and a few calls but communication with her was smooth.

Vendors which Noemi recommended such as photographer, baker and DJ were all very reliable too and were within reasonable budgets. Noemi’s also helped to coordinate with a few other vendors that we have engaged on our own and we were happy all turned out well during the wedding day itself. Definitely recommend her especially for foreigners who wish to get married in Florence.”

– Yvonne and Ettore

“We do not even know where to begin to thank you for making our wedding perfect! Thank you for making the entire process fun. Thank you for calming us down during our meltdown. 🙂 And thank you for making our special day special. We will always talk about it with a smile on our faces. With Love.“

– Nina and Gregor


Marianna e Francesco“We contacted Noemi accidentally: we were going to get married 400 km away from where we live and we needed to find a professionist who could help us concretely on organizing every part of our wedding.
We couldn’t make better choice!
Noemi was absolutely helpful and professional from the begnning. She answered all of our questions and she actively supported us, finding all the right vendors based on our needs and budget! Thanks to her job, we confirmed the location, photographer and musician. Noemi kept in touch with all of them and took care of every detail so we didn’t have to worry about anything. She also handled all the paperwork. We basically didn’t have any worry or burden, before and during our wonderful wedding! All of those who know us were astonished at seeing us so unworried.
During the wedding, Noemi was elemental!
We can’t imagine how we could enjoy this party without having her beside us!
She is a great professionist, she did a good job and she was a great support to us: Noemi was an integrant presence at our fantastic wedding!
We thank her very much for the wonderful job she did and the passion she put while doing it!”

– Marianna and Francesco

“In a unique and special day, Noemi was able to understand and create every and each one of our dreams. She guided us perfectly in choosing the right vendors for us, and she planned everything in a very short time. Our guests were enthusiastic about the perfect organization of the wedding day. Thank you again!”

– Chiara and Giuseppe

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