What does being a Wedding Planner mean to me?

I think that the most important task a Wedding Planner does is to organize a wedding working for the love of it and to become the stable terminal for the couple and all the vendors.
Every wedding is a complex event that has to be organized keeping in mind what the future groom and bride want. It has to be done with professionism so it’ll be imprinted in the mind of all the attendees for the years to come.

As a Wedding Planner I take professionally care of searching for the right vendors. I always make sure all the vendors are willing to satisfy all the couple wishes to the best result.
I select and advice the vendors to the couple based only on their degree of professionism as I don’t ever get any commitions from them.

My relationship with the couple is essential and I am always available for and suggestion or advice. I can always be reached by phone and I explain always the reasons of my advices.
Every time the bride has a question on any aspect of the wedding, I reply giving her my best advices and directing her to the right choice based on the topic of the wedding I am organizing for her.
Every wedding I organized has the imprinting of the couple and it is always different from the ones I organized earlier and that I’ll organize in the future.
During the wedding day, I follow the bride through every step of the day with discretion. I am always available to solve any inconvenient and I make sure every vendor does his job as agreed.

I organize weddings in all the Northern and Center Italy (Venice, Padua, Treviso, Garda Lake, Dolomiti, Milan, Verona, Turin, Florence, Pisa, Rome etc). You can contact me to receive a free quote and to get more informations on my service.