Elopements in Italy


I organize weddings from a long time and I mainly work with foreigners. I am the official wedding planner of a famous Italian wedding website, created for couples who want to organize their amazing ceremony in Italy.
I believe that every wedding needs to be organized only based onto the requests of the couple.
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What is an Elopement?

An Elopement is a wedding organized just for the couple, without guests. The bride and the groom will experience the excitement and emotion of the best day of their lives with full privacy and none besides them two. This is fully applicable for Symbolic ceremonies as for any legal or religious ceremony in Italy two witnesses are mandatory by law.

When to organize an Elopement in Italy?

The decision on what kind of wedding is better to organize is only up to the couple.
I suggest an Elopement in Italy when the couple wants a ceremony just for them two, with full privacy, in some stunning location in nature and when they want to go for a place that couple be difficult to reach by all of the guests. An Elopement in Italy is perfect for the couple who wants to personalize everything and make the wedding a true honeymoon.
The wedding ceremony is the union of two people for their future. Who chooses an Elopement in Italy wants to fully valorize that decision.

Where to organize an amazing Elopement in Italy?

Elopements can be organized everywhere in Italy. In the past years I organized Elopements in some of the most beautiful landscapes like the Dolomites, lakes (Lake Braies, Lake Carezza), on the beach, in Venice and much more.

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