Venice Elopement Wedding Planner


The city of Venice is unique. There is no more romantic, more special or more historical place to celebrate a couple’s love. For this reason, I decided to help couples who wanted to plan their unforgettable Venice Elopement Wedding. I have a lot of experience in planning Venice Elopements. I can direct you to the best vendors in Venice. My team and I will make sure you have the best and most romantic experience ever for your Venice Elopement.

Eloping in Venice is a great choice for every couple who desires an intimate yet very romantic and unique wedding. Having no guests allows my couples to celebrate their love in amazing spots of the city. You will sense the history and romantic vibe of Venice, which cannot be an option for a wedding with guests.

I can help you find the perfect spot for your Venice Elopement ceremony. It can be on a gondola for more privacy and a unique experience. Or it can be located in a hidden spot with the backdrop of the Rialto Bridge. It can be planned in San Marco Square at sunrise, with no one around besides you and your partner.

I only plan bespoke Elopements in Venice. I will be assisting you in planning the best situation, moment, and romantic experience for your wedding.

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Why should you go for an Elopement in Venice?

An Elopement Wedding is a very intimate and unique experience. You will have only with your partner. It is different from other Wedding Planning solutions as it gives you and your partner privacy. This won’t be the case if you decide to plan a standard wedding with a party. 

Moreover, Venice is a city built on water, and this creates challenging situations if you have guests. Standard wedding parties planned in Venice have to have a set-up for transportation for the guests in case of rain or if the distance is great between the ceremony location and the venue. This means extra costs that the couple has to take into account. This is not necessary if you decide to elope. 


Can I plan my Venice Elopement on a Gondola?

Yes, you can! I have planned plenty of Venice Elopements on gondolas in Venice. This is a great option if you want to exchange vows while the driver takes you through the romantic and hidden canals of the lagoon. 

The gondola will also be a great option to explore areas you cannot reach by foot and take pictures with the wonderful and unique backdrops of Venice.

If you decide to Elope on a Gondola in Venice, the Venice Elopement Photographer and officiant will join you on the tour to capture every moment of the experience.

Will my Elopement Wedding in Venice be pre-set or tailor-made?

Noemi Wedding only plans tailor-made Elopements in Venice. I believe every couple is unique, and if you decide to go for an Elopement you should be able to get a bespoke service as well. 

Noemi Wedding has a lot of experience in planning Elopements. I have planned Elopements in Venice in every season of the year, including during the winter months, and I can guide you in choosing the best location, vendors, team and romantic day.

Noemi Weddings has successfully planned Elopements in San Marco, Rialto Bridge area, the Venice islands, the rooftops of wonderful antique palaces, gondolas, you name it.


Is an Elopement Wedding in Venice cheaper than a standard Destination Wedding in Venice?

Yes, planning an Elopement in Venice will be cheaper than having a Destination Wedding in Venice with guests. Planning a party with guests in Venice involves big costs, for instance the transportation, dinner or lunch menu, decorations and other items that won’t be needed in case you decide to Elope. 

On top of that, you won’t be able to have the ceremony in locations that are quite unique and hidden from the crowds and that allow an Elopement ceremony instead.

Contact me to check availability for your Elopement in Venice, I will reply ASAP.