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Have you decided to get married in Tuscany and are you looking for a professional
to take care of the organization of your wedding day?

My name is Noemi, I am the owner of Noemi Wedding. I am an Italian professional Wedding Planner
and I support the couple in organizing the wedding they have always dreamed of.

Contact me, I will be glad to advise you and give you information about it.


Noemi Wedding organizes events in the whole Northern and Center Italy

Some of the recent events organized

Montelucci Country Resort – Tuscany | July 2022
1 Montelucci Country Resort – Tuscany
2 Montelucci Country Resort – Tuscany
3 Montelucci Country Resort – Tuscany
4 Montelucci Country Resort – Tuscany
5 Montelucci Country Resort – Tuscany
6 Montelucci Country Resort – Tuscany
7 Montelucci Country Resort – Tuscany
8 Montelucci Country Resort – Tuscany
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I Viticci – Impruneta (Florence) | July 2018
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Below you can read some Frequent Asked Questions about my Wedding Planner Service. If you have any doubt or request, you may contact me by email or phone. I speak fluent English, I will reply ASAP.

1- Why should I contact a Wedding Planner?
The wedding planner is a professional who directs the couple to the right vendors and takes care of every aspect of the wedding day. First of all, the WP gets in contact with the future bride and groom, who tell him their wishes for that day. Secondly, the Wedding Planner searches for the right vendors based on the couple’s wishes and budget. This way the couple can dedicate their time with the funniest part of the organization of their wedding day in Tuscany (choosing the vendors).

Furthermore, a Wedding Planner can advice the couple on any doubt or question they might have. The Italian wedding sector is complex and has its rules. An expert Wedding Planner avoids bad surprises on that day and ensures the couple chooses quality vendors staying within the set budget. During the wedding day, the WP will coordinate every vendor to the best result, making sure the couples enjoy the day without any interruption. A professional Wedding Planner becomes the “right arm” of the bride.

2- Is your service standard or personalized?
My WP service gets totally personalized on the future bride and groom wishes. I will always advise them, keeping in mind this and every final decision will be up to them. They’ll always get a personalized service. The wedding day has to be special, and I constantly work to create an unbelievable day for everyone attending.

3- Do you have some vendors we must choose?
No, the couples who book my services are not bound to choose any vendor. I don’t have a circle of vendors, I search the professionals in a new unit of time and I do it based on the couple wishes and budget. During the past years I tested the professionality of many wedding vendors based in Florence, Tuscany and all northern Italy. In case some of those have the requirements, I would include them in the proposal. I don’t have any commercial relationship with the vendors so my judgement is totally impartial and directed to ensure the best wedding for the couple.

4- How much does your service cost?
The cost of my service changes. It is based on the number of vendors I will have to look for, the Wedding date and the couple requests. You can contact me and I’ll send you a personalized estimate budget. I want to specify that I don’t ask for any commission to the vendors I’ll contact (I ensure a total impartial judgement) and I won’t ask you anything besides what previously accorded. I work with full transparency and I work to build a trust relationship with the future bride and groom.

5-What’s the difference between organizing a wedding by yourself or hire a wedding planner?
There are many differences, I’ll write the most important below.

  • Time: a couple who hires a Wedding Planner saves a lot of time. You won’t have to search for the vendor but only to choose them.
  • Money;: Based on the weddings I already organized, my clients saved a lot of money. I know the average budget for every type of vendor and I searched for the best comparison between quality and price. Even taking into count the price for my service, all of the couples who hired me saved a lot of money.
  • Stress: The couples who hire a Wedding Planner does not get stressed on searching the vendors available and, during the wedding day, fully enjoy the ceremony and party.
  • Ensured professionalism: I saw a lot of weddings and I recognize the professional vendors so I propose them to the couple. This way we avoid bad surprises during the wedding day.

6- Does the wedding planner only take care of the aesthetic of the event?
The wedding planner takes also but not only care of the aesthetic, hiring professional florists. The role of a Wedding Planner is to make the party special. This person makes sure the wedding day is exactly as the couple always dreamed of, without any stress or surprises. Contact me, I’m here for any information you may need.


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