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Are you a couple looking for an italian professionist to organize completely your upcoming wedding in Verona or Garda Lake?

My name is Noemi, I am an italian professional Wedding Planner and I organize from many years weddings in Italy, mostly in Verona and near Garda Lake.
I offer a tailor made service based on your requests and ideas. Contact me and I’ll PROVIDE you all the informations you need.

Here you can also read some Frequent asked questions on my service.

Recent events organized by Noemi Wedding

Villa Ca’ Vendri – Verona | September 2019
Villa Sigurtà – Verona | August 2018


-Who is and what does a Wedding Planner do?

The “Wedding Planner” is a professionist in counselling the couple on organizing their wedding.

The Wedding Planner helps in three different ways:

  1. Advices on how to handle paperworks (documents needed for the wedding)
  2. Counsells on spotting the best vendors based on the couple budget (photographers, musicians, locations, caterings etc).
  3. Is the coordinator at the ceremony (church or legal wedding) and on the wedding party that follows.

-Why should I book the services of a Wedding Planner?

You should hire a Wedding Planner to receive valid help on organizing the wedding.

A Wedding Planner has organized plenty of weddings and gained a lot of experience on it:

  • Knows how to handle the timetable of the day so everything works fully;
  • Knows which unexprected things may occur and how to solve them;
  • Knows which vendors are the more professionals and reliable;
  • Knows many locations, caterings and knows the exact food and service quality;
  • . . . And much more.

-Does the Wedding planner service cost much?

No, I’ll explain you why.

A Wedding Planner cooperated with lots of wedding vendors (musicians, photographers, car rentals etc) and knows the pluspoints and outpoints of many of them. She already selected the best vendors with the best quality/price factor.

Here’s an example: there are some professional photograpers who may work with a budget between 500 and 1,500 euros (they stay ’till the event is totally over, great picture quality, album delivery in few weeks, polite and professional) but they are not always easy to spot if you don’t have any experience in this sector!

Often the couple looks up in the internet to find them. This can work but sometimes doesn’t.

During the years we selected vendors based on these three features:

1- Professionalism
2- Reliability and politeness
3- Best price

Contacting a Wedding Planner allows you to don’t get stressed out and save money!

-Are the final decisions up to the Wedding Planner?

No, the final decisions are always only up to the couple.

An experienced Wedding Planner is able to propose and suggest the best solutions for the many aspects of the wedding.

In case the couple prefers a solution that the Wedding Planner knows based on experience that it doesn’t work, she’ll talk to the couple to explain why (this looking forward for the best event).
If the couple still prefers their solution, it will be done under their responsibility.

-In which area do you work?

Noemi Wedding Planner organizes weddings in Italy, mainly in the north/center. She doesn’t have sole right on any location as she prefers to select more restaurants, halls and castles.

By now, she has experienced the food and service of more than 100 locations (mainly in Veneto). During the years she selected the best ones and she keeps updated trying new locations.

You can see the full list here.

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