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Are you looking for a professional and reliable Wedding Planner to fully organize your wedding in Venice?

I am an Italian wedding planner, I live near Venice and I am able to organize completely your wedding from the paperwork to the party, even if you live oversea.

Below you can read some FAQ on how I work and my service. If you need anymore information you can contact me by email or call me on my mobile, I will reply ASAP.

Recent weddings organized by Noemi Wedding

 Hotel Excelsior 5* Luxury Venice | August 2018
 Hotel Excelsior 5* Luxury Venice | July 2017


1- What service do you provide?
As a Wedding Planner, my job is to fully organize the wedding and getting the couple in contact with a list of vendors (based on their requests and budget). I offer a service of conselling to find the best vendor for the best quality within their budget. I constantly help the couple relieveing them for the big amount of work, worries and time needed to find all the professionists (location, photographer, musician, florist, paperwork etc). The purpose of my job is to make sure they fully enjoy the wedding day and the weeks before that!

2- Is it worthful to hire a Wedding Planner or is it better to organize the day by ourselves?
To organize a wedding may be funny but it can create a lot of worries and frenzy. The couple has a short know-how and they normally don’t know what to look for. Is a hall or a restaurant better? Dj or live band?
A wedding planner advices the couple best as she has an overall viewpoint based on her experience. She knows every single aspect and she can address the couple to the right vendors. The wedding planner creates a successfull tailor made wedding.
Financially speaking, the budget of this service can be easily amortized. The Wedding Planner advices you, so you book the best vendor for the best price.

3- Do you take care of the research of all the wedding vendors?
I can take care of the full organization of the wedding or just of some parts of it.

4- How do you get paid?
As a Wedding planner my fee gets based on the services you require, as well as all the other vendors. When I’ll start organizing, I will direct you to vendors and each one of them will agree with you on its remuneration and payment method. I don’t ask for any commition on their services. You can receive a free quote for my service. Contact me by email or on mobile!

5- How does the couple influences the research of the vendors, in case we decide to book you as a wedding planner?
The couple is the core of all the decisions. My job is to suggest, evaluate and advice the couple on choosing the right professionist, but the last decision is totally up to them. It is their wedding and it has to be as they always dreamed of.

6- How much time do you need to organize a wedding?
There isn’t a exact amount of time needed to plan a wedding. Here in Italy the locations get booked around 1 year and a half before the date of the event (in case you decide to get married in a weekend between May and October). Don’t worry however: I already organized weddings in few months and I am ready to work hard to create the best wedding, even if we don’t have much time!

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