Dolomites Elopement

Dolomites Elopement

Noemi Wedding is an expert destination wedding planner who has been planning Dolomites Elopement since the very beginning about a decade ago.

My deep knowledge of the most beautiful locations in the Dolomites allow me to suggest the best options for your Elopement in the Dolomites. 

My job will be to contact the best vendors for your bespoke Elopement, at the correct cost considering the Dolomites area. 

I cooperate with the best photographers, venues, makeup artists, hairdressers, florists and officiants, so that you can have the Elopement you have always dreamed of in the best Dolomites location.

Noemi Wedding Dolomites Elopement

More information about your Dolomites Elopement Wedding Planner

Noemi Wedding is the perfect Destination Wedding Planner for your Dolomites Elopement. Every decision that concerns the wedding planning is made by my clients. I believe your Elopement should be exactly as you have always dreamed of. Having Noemi Wedding as your Dolomites Wedding Elopement Planner means having a bespoke dream wedding in one of the most beautiful UNESCO sites.


Dolomites Elopement Wedding in Fall

Why should I consider eloping in the Dolomites?

A Dolomites Elopement is a perfect option for couples that come from abroad who would like to merge the wedding with an oversea vacation. The Dolomites have a lot to offer and perfectly fit Elopements and micro weddings due to their areas sometimes difficult to reach from a big group of guests. 

If you would like to have a relaxed vacation and have lifelong lasting memories, a Dolomites elopement is the perfect choice.

What is the price for a Dolomites Wedding Elopement?

As a bespoke Dolomites Wedding Planner, I will be able to quote you the cost of this service after a quick meeting. Feel free to reach out to me to find out how I can help you plan your Dolomites Elopement. Based on my experience, eloping in the Dolomites may cause a saving up to 90% than a Dolomites wedding with 80 guests. 

What are the pros of a Dolomites Elopement?

One of the pros I like the most about a wedding in this area is that you get a chance to live some of the most precious and beautiful places of these UNESCO sites, that cannot be used for a standard wedding with guests. Another very important pro is the lower cost. A Dolomites Elopement can cost up to 90% less than a standard Dolomites Wedding, so you could potentially invest the budget in more luxury wedding providers or save quite a lot of resources.

What are the cons of this kind of wedding?

There are no real cons about eloping in the Dolomites. If you are already considering to elope in the Dolomites to avoid a lot of extra planning and costs, you won’t be disappointed. A small wedding in the Dolomites is not the right option for couples who would like to have a big party.

Are there rules to follow to plan an Elopement wedding in this area?

Every area of the Dolomites has different regulations and rules, according to the area (UNESCO site, private property, town hall property, province property). I know the Dolomites by heart and I can guide you through these regulations to make sure you have your dream wedding without risking any fines. And most importantly, safeguarding the beautiful landscapes and areas that the Dolomites offer.

Can I get a legally binding ceremony for my Wedding in the Dolomites?

Yes you can. If you are considering a legally binding Dolomites wedding, my advice is to reach out to me at least 8 months in advance, so I can let you know the next steps on paperwork and town hall reservations.

I cannot wait to hear your ideas about your Dolomites wedding! Reach out to me to find out more about how I can help you.

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