Coronavirus Emergency

Coronavirus Emergency in Italy – Noemi Wedding offers tailor maiden services for you

This emergency is bringing along a lot of changes and stress to all of the couples who decided to get married in Italy in 2020. Noemi Wedding is aware of that and she created some services that can help.
The wedding day needs to be as you have always dreamed of, so Noemi Wedding will be next to you to solve anything that is needed to make it perfect.

Service to postpone or reorganize your wedding based on Italian regulations

Noemi Wedding will provide you all of the official information regarding the wedding planning in Italy.
She will also take care of the reorganization and/or postponing on the event based on your needs. She will also coordinate and re-book everything with every vendor you already have.
Noemi Wedding will be a reliable professional and she will coordinate every request from you with the vendors.
Your wedding will be fully planned following the laws, without stress and making sure the vendors work as a team to provide the service they promised without extra costs from them.
In such a difficult moment, it is important to rely on a professional.
Contact me to check out what I can do for you.